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Milano's Murals

Colour the walls ,

free walls or falling down walls on abandoned buildings, to breathe fresh life into or liven up roads and forgotten outlying city districts tending to be grey and mouldy, as a form of protest, a way of launching an alternative and/or innovative art, a more accessible and user friendly outside-the-museums art, to generate or regenerate the beauty habit!

Writers have agreed to abide by certain working and conduct rules:

  • create a name and make it their own, writing it in all the most visible places, to get themselves known and mark out their territory;
  • develop a personal, immediately recognisable style enabling them to emerge and differentiate themselves from others;
  • maintain a constant commitment to stylistic evolution, the ongoing search for innovative and original solutions;
  • respect other people’s art meaning that signatures must never be covered over or damaged and the same goes for other people’s monuments and work.

The following images are a selection of murals photographed whilst walking through Milan’s streets, squares, stations and navigli canals.


Pizzeria Ortiga (pronounced urtiga), famous for its onion pizza, has decorated one of its walls with prints of murals supplied it by Cereda. A visit is a must!


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