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Traveling brings with it the need to record, to remember, to celebrate the encounter with the different, with the other, with the unusual. Thus, in traveling I have captured, in thousands of images, instants of the realities encountered whose continuous becoming has made them unique, unrepeatable.

Traveling to discover the countries you will find the continent in yourself.
(Indian proverb)

Why Alchimia - images from the world for the world

The photographic image does not only reproduce what it portrays but also the emotions that led to that framing making it prefer to others. So he will show the surprise, the wonder, the joy, the incredible, the warmth, the tranquility, the exaltation, the fear, the boldness and whatever else will have struck my imagination and my curiosity …

All this, and much more, is AlchimiA.

Travel diaries for images

These Travel Diaries presented are NOT intended to be a travel guide but rather a slightly naif, intimate, sometimes unorganised collection of travel notes of varying lengths, which tell of a traveller’s sensations, emotions, wonder, disappointment, surprise, fatigue, discoveries, meditations and encounters.
What follows are ‘excerpts’ extrapolated from various Travel Diaries, the ‘unedited’ versions are available on request. You might like them!