West Terai - Nepal

… The Tharu tribe, their villages, their customs, their traditions…

The Tharu women, the princesses of the forest, with their ultra-colourful skirts gathered up between their legs and fixed to their belts, their bodices a patchwork of cloth and mirrors tied up behind them, leaving their strong backs showing, and a colourful veil covering their black shiny weight of hair. Their tanned faces, large dark, profound eyes, exotic eyebrows, silver earrings and a round nose ring in their left nostrils.


Their sandals hanging from their belts behind their backs, a small rattan or terracotta amphora on their hips to store what they ‘fish’ in. They venture cautiously into the lagoon’s immobile waters. Their robust arms decorated from wrist to elbow with mysterious tribal tattoos, hold up a great net hooked onto round bamboo supports from whose perimeter slender bamboo rays stick out and converge into a much smaller circle onto which they are fixed…

…. How wonderful! From the warp and weave of the nets vibrating with silvery light the water rushes down onto the surface of the lagoon which opens up into a multitude of small craters revealing small fish, prawns and green algae at the bottom of the nets.


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